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Why buy Mugsocks?

Really Aussie made and owned. We offer free digital proofing until you are 100% happy, if not we will refund you in full.

… and of course, we won’t send you this! …

The below image demonstrates what happens when worn, comparing others on the left with Mugsocks™ on the right – see how white gaps appear when worn because the material stretches exposing the areas that didn’t receive ink.

So before buying a pair of custom socks, ask a few questions as not all custom socks are created equal.


• Are they seamless? Do they have join lines down each side or front and back? (Graphics on a website will look seamless – Look for a black heal, typically means will come with join lines)

• Are they high quality Direct To Garment printed?

• Are they traditional or flat tube style socks?

• Are the socks made with quality elastic and materials?

• Where are they made? And don’t believe everything you read on a website; dig a little deeper!


All Mugsocks™ are made with quality material and are the traditional style. We only print using DTG seamless technology, which means no join lines and minimal separation of colour when stretched. We are a locally owned Brisbane business with everything from design to print performed locally.

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