Choose a base template/design, and remember they are just guides as we manually design whatever you would like. Below is our basic template; you can change colours, add text and have more than one face or object if you wish.



Once you choose a design template and click/tap to open it, you will see ‘Let’s Customise’. Click/tap on the orange ‘NEXT’ button.


Now we will guide you through the options, step by step, colours, adding custom text, uploading your photos, and adding any instructions for your designer to follow.

Once you place your order, it will enter our design queue, where one of our local team will create your design and send you a proof via email and SMS (if you provided a mobile number). You can also check the proof link in your confirmation email.



The above is an example of a preview, and you are welcome to make design changes. Swapping a photo is the only change that will incur a fee as it’s the most labour intensive part of the job. Simple changes are complimentary. If you are worried about your photo’s, you can ask us to take a look by emailing, and we will happily let you know.