Firstly, you don’t need to do anything with the photo’s except for uploading them when placing your order; our designers will cut out the heads/object and colour correct them to look their best.
The most labour intensive part of the job is cutting out the subject, so we charge per head/object. You already have one cut out included in the cost, so if you want more than one head/object, car, goat, fish, whatever on the design, you will need to add the extras when ordering via what we call a face pack. For example, the photo below would require four additional faces added if all faces are to be included on the design.

If you don’t want all the faces included, still referring to the above photo, you would let the Mugsocks Team know in the instructions. Simply describe what you would like included, for example, girl in the red shirt or guy with a shaved head etc.


Remember, you are not limited by what you see on the product images, send us whatever you like!